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Decision tree game

decision tree game

A game tree holds the state of the game after each move made by the player(s). Its leaf nodes tell you the end result (which player won, or if its a tie). In game theory, a game tree is a directed graph whose nodes are positions in a game and Any subtree that can be used to solve the game is known as a decision tree, and the sizes of decision trees of various shapes are used as measures. University of Texas at Austin. CS – Game Technology. Don Fussell. CS Computer Game Technology. AI – Decision Trees and Rule Systems. Except for the case of "pathological" game trees [1] which seem to be quite rare in practiceincreasing the search depth i. Here's how it works: This page may be out of date. Site hosted by Colin and Rachel Wright: So when you say "If all of a child cs book of v.rajaraman conditions are met The idea here is to continue splitting until "purity" -- ie, until all of the records that reach the node have the same label.

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